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    Welcome to Electric Maniac service division.  We are an electrical contracting company located in Clearwater British Columbia and service the North Thompson valley and surrounding areas. We have over 30 years experience in the field and focus on Agricultural, commercial and residential.  We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

    If you are looking for an electrical contractor with good prices and service, give us a call.  Free estimates.



If you need it done, we can do it!

    From agricultural, residential, to commercial and industrial, our company is well versed in all aspects of the electrical trade.   We also do home automation, hydro metering usage and data logging systems in residential, industrial and commercial institutions. Trained and experienced with variable frequency drives, plc's and pumping systems.  The past 30+ years have offered us many opportunities to grow our skill sets in each of these fields. We've been faced with challenges in all of them and always come out on top.

We take on any job, big or small, and we always make sure it's done right!

There's nothing worse than having a project to complete and no contractors that can handle the job. Electric Maniac fears no project large or small, including renovations and upgrades! We take on all challenges, and we GUARANTEE that our work will meet or beat current code!

We are everywhere!

Well, almost everywhere. We service the entire Thompson-Nicola region! 

Have work? Will travel!

Who We Are

We're the guys you call when it MUST be done right!

   Our operation has been going strong for over 20 years! There has never been a job that is too tough for us to complete. 

Servicing the North Thompson and regions. Providing electrical contracting services in Agricultural, Residential, commercial and industrial.

    We are knowledgeable of all fields of electrical practice and will continue to expand our skills forever. This method of thinking has made sure we have consistent success in every job we take on.  The work we do is not simply a job; it is our passion and our life! We are the people who take our careers home with us so we can solve any issue as soon as possible!

  We also don't believe in keeping our clients in the dark, we want to make sure that you are just as informed as we are. After all, it's YOUR project, we're just helping you out with it!

Electric Maniac is also a family company! It is run by a father-son's team out of Clearwater BC.

649 Kennedy Road

Clearwater BC

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Lots of people call us maniacs, some people call us crazy, but EVERYONE calls us